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Purchase of quality Musculation products

MegaGeartm is a passionate sports team, which provides you with its experience on a blog dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding. You will find all our tips to progress in muscle building, but also our full muscle programs, our exercises and examples of sessions and training. Join the Mega GearTM community on our social media and follow all the news of our team and the performance of our professional bodybuilders athletes.

Our online shop for Sports Nutrition

the xeno-androgenes of the MegaGearTM brand (definition Wikipedia), are a new class of anabolic substances created to improve sport performance. They are among the supplements legal the most effective to develop muscle mass : They meet the needs of athletes wishing to implement programs such as,

- Muscle volume control

- Mass capture (weight thanks to the anabolic)

- Strength gain (power),

- Maigrir and mincir using our fat burners to lose weight (muscle drying).

Definition of Xeno-androgens and Anabolizing Steroids

Xeno-androgens and anabolic steroids are two classes of products with a different operating mode and composition. These are used in several areas: In medicine, they are a recent therapeutic option for testosterone replacement treatment. In sport, they have been well known for years for their action on sports performance. The xeno-androgenes are derivatives of tocopherols, tocotrienols and nicotinamides that were purified and then modified in the laboratory.

The MegaGear quality

The products of our range are designed and manufactured in a laboratory in the heart of the European Union, under the control of sanitary standards and guarantee a high level of purity.

The ingredients and basic materials such as our powders and liquids are tested before and after passing through our production units, by independent quality organisms, in accordance with ISO 9001.

If you want to start a program strength the first step will be to build a coherent training plan tailored to your goal. Don't hesitate to solicit our sales team and coaching. They'll be happy to accompany you. You can contact them via our form or directly on our Facebook page.

Our blog is enriched with a large quantity of articles related to strength and strength sport nutrition, to help you find the information you might need. You can benefit from advice on setting up your diet but also from your muscle programs. We also offer complete tutorials on strength exercises, with tips and practical recommendations on movements.

Of course, for any specific questions, our customer support is available and we commit ourselves to answer you within a maximum of 24 hours.

Following the discovery of anabolic steroids or other counterfeit food supplements offered by several sites and online building products shops, we have put in place a verification mode to control the authenticity of our products. To control your MegaGear products, please enter the authentication number of each item directly on the brand's official blog.