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Weight gain pack
Weight gain pack

Weight gain pack

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Rapid mass gain pack designed to trigger weight gain in bodybuilders.

Suitable for beginners to ectomorphic bodybuilding, or for experienced users wishing to take a muscular leap forward into a period of weight gain.

Quantity :

This rapid mass pack in a 5-week cycle

Recommended dosage:

  • 3 Danabol tablets per day (morning, noon, evening, after meals)
  • 2ml Testobol per week
  • 2ml Deca per week

How to build muscle mass?

This all-inclusive pack will be of interest to users planning to build muscle mass in conjunction with weight-gain-oriented training. In a five-week course, it is ideal for a muscle-building program focusing on basic exercises such as bench press, deadlift or squat.

Designed for a short duration, it can be used to give a boost to your training.

Mega Gear's rapid weight gain pack is designed to trigger weight gain in bodybuilders. Many athletes and bodybuilders are looking to buildmuscle volume as part of their training program. For them, the " muscle definition" part is already more or less done. From now on, the aim is to find the answer to the question: how can I put on weight ? But gaining weight isn' t that simple, is it? First and foremost, it's essential to have a weight-building program based on dumbbells and exercises designed to build muscle mass. At the same time, how can you avoid paying attention to your nutrition and weight gain diet? You can't.

Andyet, despite all your hard work, you still can't buildmuscle mass fast...MegaGear invites you to try a new experience: the Mass Gain Pack. This pack is ideal for ectomorphicbeginners to bodybuilding , as well as for experienced users wishing to take a muscular step forward and start building mass again .Forearms, abs, glutes, triceps...These muscle-buildingproducts are the perfect complement to your nutritional program!

An ideal pack for intensive muscle building

Danabol,Testoboland Deca are the 3 products in the pack designed to help you buildmuscle mass. A high-quality, three-stage program to promote muscle growth! It's ideal for anyone who doesn't have a " mesomorphic " profile . In other words, people who can easily buildmuscle mass. Even without intensive training.

This " weight gainer" pack is aimed atectomorphs who want to put onweight. Or an endomorph who has already lost weight, but now wants to gain dry muscle and muscle mass.

Thanks to a 5-week treatment, the athlete obtains concrete results in line with his or her ambitions: development of muscle fibers, increasedcaloric intake, more energy and strength during bodybuilding sessions, fat loss...The ideal is of course to couple this with mass gain meals, a high-caloriesnack, soy protein, egg protein, but also thelipids your body needs for sports nutrition..

Which mass products to choose?

You may already be familiar with products designed to help you lose weight, such asWhey Isolate, BCAA or protein powder, as well as the virtues of tribulus terrestris, which are specialists in sports dietetics, support for the mass gainprogram or protein nutrition. They are often the best allies ofbodybuilding, full-body muscle-building and mass-buildingenthusiasts. But MegaGear invites you here to discover new products for a clear energy boost during bodybuilding sessions. Particularly for athletes seeking toincreasemuscle mass during bench press exercises.

For a complete 12-week mass cycle, we can also offer you the "brutal mass" stack

Our blog section presents a four-week mass gain training program specially adapted to this cycle. You'll also find all our advice on steroid profiles.

Recommended dosage
See description
Recommended cycle time
5 weeks
Vial of 10ml and boxes of 100 tablets
Short-cycle weight gain

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Weight gain pack

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