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Explosive boxing and MMA stack

Explosive boxing and MMA stack

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3 x Oral T-bol

3 x Tren-enant 150

3 x Boldo-bol 200

Quantity :

This dry volume pack in a 12-week cycle

Recommended dosage:

3 oral t bol tablets a day (morning, noon, evening, after meals)

2ml tren enath 150 per week

2ml boldo bol 200 per week

This stack is designed for boxers and MMA fighters, who need to boost explosive strength, speed and brute force.

Combat sports enthusiasts need to improve their WEIGHT / POWER ratio.

Since weight categories require maximum muscle without exceeding a certain body weight, you need to optimize your musculature to be strong, lean and long-lasting at the same time.

ORAL T BOL is designed to optimize muscle mass, while TREN ENATH + BOLDO BOL will help build strength, dryness and improve cardiovascular work without catabolism.

Recommended dosage
See description
Recommended cycle time
12 weeks
Vial of 10ml and boxes of 100 tablets
Explosiveness, stamina, strength and endurance

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Explosive boxing and MMA stack

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