• The bodybuilder diet

    Sports nutrition is a key element in the success of a bodybuilder. This is one of the three most important factors in the weight. This should consist of dietary protein, which are muscle cement. We will detail the diet bodybuilding practice

  • The pull-ups

    We will look more closely pulls. This movement aims at strengthening the lats (back muscles) and to a lesser extent biceps

  • The workout and its principles

    When one begins muscular activity, do not rush into the room and push anyhow. The basic principles of training in the weight used to know the methods that work and avoid injury

  • To succeed in bodybuilding Keep motivated

    Motivation in bodybuilding, achieve your goals and get muscle mass with the help of your mind. We must channel his emotions into strength training and maintain high morale. Get the body of your dreams is a long and difficult road.

  • Gaining volume in bodybuilding

    The main goal of bodybuilding is gaining weight fast. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to create and follow a program and a diet plan. 

  • Gaining muscle mass: volume or dry cure?

    Anabolic steroids cycles and xenoandrogens in sport. We'll talk about the main points of steroid treatment cycle. the use of steroids in bodybuilding

  • The sporting activity and the hormonal system

    The hormonal system plays an important role in bodybuilding. To what extent should we consider?

  • The nutritional supplements in bodybuilding

    In bodybuilding, proteins are boosting muscle development. They are also essential during recovery in bodybuilding. But all protein sources are not equal.

  • Alexandre Carpentier Interview

    Alexandre Carpentier practicing bodybuilding and won titles in the practice of bodybuilding. With his experience, he shares his passion today for this sport.

  • Cardio workout

    Cardio work is part of muscular work. It will be used to burn calories. In times of muscle cuts, we will seek long cardio sessions in order to burn fat.