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Booba: bodybuilding, height and weight

Booba: bodybuilding, height and weight


The physique and training of the singer booba

Height: 1m92
Body weight: 92 Kg when dry / up to 105 Kg when gaining weight

Body Mass Index: 25
Date of birth: 09/12/76 Age: 37
Occupation: Singer
Morphology: Mesomorphic


The rapper started bodybuilding at the age of 20. During his early days in the music business, his stay "in the shade" gave him the opportunity to familiarize himself with a fairly basic gym. A bench press, pull-up bars and free weights were the only equipment at his disposal at the time.

It's enough to give him a taste for effort.

He also points out that he doesn't follow any specific program. He trains with bodyweight and, when he can, on machines

"Istarted working out in prison. In prison, there's no program. You do push-ups, pull-ups. You only have access to the gym once or twice a week. That's whenI got the taste for it"

Beginnings and progress, from LUNATIC to the OUEST SIDE album

Booba is a mesomorph. Long, broad bones, an imposing waist and shoulders, and a naturally developed bust give him a definite advantage from the start.

The physique of mesomorphs is cut out for sporting activity. Natural strength helps rapid progress.

Solid joints can bear heavy loads. By comparison, an ectomorph can take years to achieve the strength of a mesomorph in its early years.

His early years were productive, with Booba gaining a lot of mass but not always very cleanly, so it's worth noting that he's not really dry, at least in the early days.

Musculation avant après de Booba

Coaching, from the 0.9 album to now

In recent years (between 2009 and 2014), Booba's sports and music followers have noticed changes in his muscular definition. These include the appearance of obliques, which he didn't have before his album 0.9.. We also note that he's caught up with his deltoids and legs. He recently demonstrated on video a 500Kg thigh press performance (not complete amplitude though).

Here are the major changes since he started training with T NICE, a well-known coach in Miami U.S.A.

Parallel sports

Booba is a Muay Thai fighter. Since 2007, we've been able to watch his first fights on Youtube, notably in class D (breastplate fights) at that time. He naturally evolved to reach a very decent level around 2012. Although not a champion, he possesses undeniable qualities recognized by his peers.

His imposing height and weight enable him to perform well in the ring.

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