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A world of bodybuilders

A world of bodybuilders


Shock article today, MegaGear gives the pen, and above all the camera and photoshop, to an artist from the world of bodybuilding.

the bodybuilding craze, and in particular the Aestetic trend, has taken off in recent years. More than just an activity, for some it's become a way of life.

What would the world be like if we were all bodybuilders? When you see these photos, you may love them, or hate them, but in any case, you can't remain indifferent!

What do you think?

bodybuilders enfants

Bodybuilders faisant du rodéo

Femme bodybuilder

Écolier bodybuilder

Élevé et professeur bodybuilders

Famille de bodybuilders

Père et enfants bodybuildés