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Anabolic steroids: a book at last

Anabolic steroids: a book at last


With the exception of Jean-Texier's book, published by Jibena in the late 80s, very few books deal with the delicate subject of anabolic steroids in the world of bodybuilding!

Laurent Coos, with his book "Les anabolisants en musculation", attempts to fill this gap.

As a bodybuilding enthusiast for over thirty years, as well as a fitness instructor and former competitor, Laurent Coos has come into close contact with the world of doping in bodybuilding. Having tested some of these substances himself at a time when they were legal, and having had the opportunity to share his experience with numerous bodybuilders, he presents you with relevant information on the effects linked to the use of these products in his book "Les anabolisants en musculation" ("Anabolics in bodybuilding"). He also discusses growth hormone, clenbuterol, thyroid extracts and many other substances used to build muscle mass or to dry out for bodybuilding competitions.

This is by no means a medical book, nor is it a manual on doping. It simply sets out the facts as objectively as possible, without entering the realm of ethics by either encouraging or condemning the use of these products.

It is then up to each individual to draw his or her own conclusions and adopt his or her own philosophy on the subject.

After a brief introduction to xenoandrogens in this very book, he intends to write an entire book devoted to the subject after testing them, later this year.

To be continued...

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