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Ten reasons to work out

Ten reasons to work out


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We know it, everyone says it, doctors and practitioners alike: exercise helps you lose weight... But what else? Discover the multitudes of benefits to be gained from taking part in a sporting activity.

Here are 10 more good reasons to practice a sport, in this case bodybuilding, in descending order.

10 - Improve your memory

La musculation améliore la mémoire

Doesn't your mind feel clear after a session? As if everything seemed easier to organize. Not only does your brain get more oxygen, but numerous studies have shown that you retain information better, and that all your cognitive capacities are stimulated.

Of course, a strenuous session may leave you mentally tired from time to time, but in the long term, the benefits are indisputable!

9- Improve your posture

Bonne posture du dos avec la musculation

Good posture is important, and the best way to maintain or even correct your posture is to train your supporting muscles. To do this, make sure you work your whole body, focusing on sheathing exercises and not neglecting your abs. Pulling exercises (back) are also an excellent way of improving low-back or neck pain.

8- Improve self-confidence

La musculation améliore la confiance en soi

Obviously, weight training will improve your appearance, which in turn will boost your self-confidence. The exercises will also make you stronger, but that's not all. Weight training in the gym will help you achieve social fulfillment. You'll be interacting with people who share the same passion as you, and even if you don't realize it at first, these habits and this place of exchange will have a beneficial effect on your morale.

7- Learn to de-stress

Déstresser avec la musculation

We all have stress to deal with. Whether it's because of our work or another more serious reason, such as illness or family problems. Stress can really wreak havoc on your mind, right up to the point of depression. Studies have shown, however, that sport in general is an excellent way to combat stress.
When you exercise, your brain produces endorphins, a natural substance that is highly effective in combating stress

6- Better sleep

Mieux dormir avec la musculation

If you have trouble sleeping, weight training will help you sleep BETTER. That means more restful sleep. It's best to train in the morning, two hours after breakfast, or in the afternoon, two hours after lunch, and avoid training too late in the evening, otherwise the opposite effect will occur (training too late will put the body on alert, preventing good rest)

5- Improved energy

Plus d'énergie avec la musculation

This may seem contradictory, given that a sports session requires energy, but weight training will make you more energetic in the long term. A study has shown that a session in the middle of the day helps you to be more productive in the afternoon, and delays nervous fatigue.

4- Be better in bed

Meilleur au lit avec la musculation

Yes, weight training for men increases libido, improves erectile dysfunction and, above all... improves performance... thanks to better blood circulation.

For women, too, weight training makes you more available, as you relax your nerves and lower your stress levels. So think about your daily session for good sexual health!

3- Be sick less often

Maladie et musculation

Nobody likes to be sick, and bodybuilding can help. We now know that athletes are about half as sick as inactive people. At the top of the list are colds, flus and allergies, as well as more serious illnesses such as certain autoimmune diseases, chronic illnesses and conditions that are not diseases, but can lead to disorders, such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

2- You'll live longer

Vivre plus vieux avec la musculation

It's no longer a secret that sport will keep you alive longer, only you'd be amazed at just how much...

One study has shown that playing sport improves your life expectancy as much as quitting smoking!

Get up and get to the gym, because sitting around all day is going to kill you.

1- You'll be happier

Etre heureux grâce à la musculation

is physical activity a source of happiness? YES, because the mood of athletes and regular exercisers is much better than that of inactive people. And on the whole, being a positive person helps you to cope better with the difficulties of everyday life.

It's also proven that athletes have a higher capacity for adaptation than non-trainers. All you have to do is turn your strength training sessions into a habit.