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Superset bodybuilding program

Superset bodybuilding program


intensification technique

For the majority of people practising bodybuilding simply to stay in shape, training is as simple as possible and requires no particular elaboration. The organization of training is based on a simple program which may be based on a full body repeated over two or three sessions, or on a half body organized over two "upper body" sessions and two "lower body" sessions.

As soon as the practitioner is looking to push back his or her limits by seeking additional stimulation to that provided by basic training, he or she will incorporate techniques to achieve this.

These techniques, which aim to provide additional stimulation, are known as intensification techniques. There are various techniques for intensifying training, such as decreasing series, super series, trisets and supersets.

We're going to talk about the latter.


what is superset?

As I explained a few lines ago, the superset is one of the training intensification techniques. What makes superset different from a giant series is the fact that, in superset, the athlete chooses two exercises for two antagonistic muscles. For example, the athlete will use the barbell curl to work the biceps and the triceps extension on the pulley. He'll perform one set of each movement before taking his rest period. This will count as one set.

Example of superset

If we take the two exercises mentioned above, the athlete will perform 10 reps of curl followed by 10 reps of extensions without rest, followed by 1.30 m of rest. This sequence will be performed 4 times.

A giant series would be built on the principle of a sequence of 4 different exercises, but for one and the same muscle. Take, for example, the bench press, then the incline press, then the squats and finally the dips, all performed without rest between the 4 sets. This sequence creates a very high level of congestion in the pectoral mucles, saves time and calls on great muscular endurance.

The purpose of this aside is simply to explain the difference between these two intensification methods.

the benefits of Superset

In addition to increasing the intensity of the session itself, superset has two other advantages. Firstly, working on the principle of agonist-antagonist muscles concentrates blood flow and therefore congestion in a wider area, optimizing the supply of nutrients necessary for muscle growth.

Superset has the advantage of working two muscle groups at the same time, thus saving time, and requires a certain amount of endurance. Of course, it's not worked as hard as in a giant set, but it's stimulated to a lesser degree.

The superset is very often used to work small muscle groups such as the biceps-triceps, but this method can also be applied to larger muscles such as the pectoral-dorsal muscles. The resultant congestion is extraordinary, and the impression it creates is nothing short of exhilarating!

Superset program


  • Supine grip pull-up (4X8 rep)
  • Incline press (4X8 rep)


  • Barbell curl (4X12 rep)
  • High pulley pull (4X12 rep)


  • Crunch (3X30 reps)
  • Bench Bust Extension (3X Max)

Now that you know all the advantages and benefits of incorporating supersets into your workouts, you'd be wrong not to.

Stick around and you won't miss the opportunity to experience sensations you've never experienced before, and reap the rewards with super muscle growth.

Train hard and Enjoy

Author Alexandre CARPENTIER

Bodybuilding Champion N.A.C 2012

Alexandre shares his experience of bodybuilding with MegaGear blog readers

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