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Turinabol: anabolic steroid

Turinabol: anabolic steroid


Turinabol profile

Muscle gains



Side effects

Liver toxicity

Fluid retention

Fat-burning and lipolysis

Appetite suppressant


Daily dosage for men: 15 - 50 mg / day
Daily dosage for women: 5 - 15 mg / day

Intake frequency

Three to four times a day

Cycle length

For men: 6 - 8 weeks

For women: 4 - 6 weeks

Further information

Detection time in urine up to 6 weeks

Half-life of active molecule 8 hours

Commercial presentation

tablet form


Turinabol, or 4-Chlorodehydro methyltestosterone by its medical name, is a Dianabol-like molecule developed in the 60s. It was used by professional athletes in East Germany for 40 years.

Turinabol, advantages and disadvantages

- Quality of muscle gains and improved visual appearance compared to dianabol.

- Low water retention.

- Limited but lasting strength gains.

- Estrogen conversion

- Negative effects on the liver, but limited compared with dianabol

Turinabol, our opinion

  • Use Turinabol at the start of an injectable steroid treatment, for the first 4-6 weeks. It enables results to be obtained rapidly, whereas injectables take longer to begin their anabolic effects.
  • The higher the daily dosage, the more you need to separate your doses throughout the day.
  • Like most oral steroids, it is toxic to the liver (ASA17), so it should not be stacked with another oral steroid.
  • It may seem advisable to take LIV160.

  • After treatment:
  • This product will require a boost to natural testosterone production at the end of the cycle. Also known as PCT
  • After using oral turinabol, you need to give your liver time to eliminate the waste products accumulated by taking turinabol, and so wait around 8 weeks between two courses of treatment.
  • The liver is the primary organ involved in eliminating the methyl radical (a substance toxic to liver function).

Results with Turinabol

turinabol avis

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