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Trenbolone: anabolic steroid

Trenbolone: anabolic steroid


Trenbolone profile

Duration of Muscle gains

Side effects



Fat burning and lipolysis

Mass gain

Liver toxicity

Fluid retention

Conversion to estrogen

Appetite suppressant


Daily dosage of Trenbolone for men: 15 - 50 mg / day
Daily dosage of Trenbolone for women: Not recommended

Intake schedule

One to two injections per week

Cycle length

For men: 6 - 8 weeks

For women: not recommended

Further information

Detection time in urine up to 7 weeks.

Half-life of the active molecule, 5 to 7 days.

Commercial presentation

As an oily solution, in 10 or 12 mL bottles.


Trenbolone, also known as Parabolan, which is its commercial name, was developed by the Negma medical laboratory. This laboratory is French. Its production was discontinued in 1997. The trenbolone ester is cyclohexylmethylcarbonate, which is similar to trenbolone acetate, only its half-life and concentration make it different from Tren A. In fact, parabolan dosage needs to be increased by around 40% to achieve the same effects as Trenbolone A.

Trenbolone, advantages and disadvantages

  • Trenbolone increases nitrogen retention in muscles. It has an extremely anabolic component.
  • Parabolan inhibits the cortisone receptors responsible for catabolism. It puts cortisol hormones to rest, hence its predominance as an anti-catabolic substance.
  • It improves digestion and assimilation of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals essential for muscle growth.
  • Parabolan, or tren, has a strongly androgenic component when compared to testosterone. The ratio is said to be 5:1, making trenbolone 5 times more potent than the molecule testosterone.
  • Trenbolone is not suitable for women because of its androgenic nature. Women are exposed to virilization effects including hair growth, changes in vocal cord tone, clitoral enlargement, etc., in very small doses.
  • Parabolan causes physiological changes, including night sweats, but also aggressive phases, often linked to sleep deprivation (also induced by Trenbolone). This aggressiveness can be positive during training, but can cause problems in everyday life.
  • Deca-dick: Like decadurabolin, Deca-dick carries a high risk of libido and erectile dysfunction.
  • As endogenous testosterone production is neutralized by parabolan, testicular reduction can occur with prolonged use. Post-recovery therapy is therefore imperative.
  • If the product is injected into the bloodstream (vein), parabolan may induce a cough, also known as "trenblone cough". This phenomenon is not serious.

Trenbolone, our opinion

  • Use Turinabol at the start of an injectable steroid treatment and for the first 4-6 weeks. It enables results to be obtained rapidly, whereas injectables take longer to begin their anabolic effects.
  • The higher the daily dosage, the more you need to separate your doses throughout the day.
  • Like most oral steroids, it is toxic to the liver (ASA17), so it should not be stacked with another oral steroid.
  • It may seem advisable to take LIV160.
  • After treatment:
    • Parabolan should not be used on its own; it should always be combined with a testosterone base.
    • The stack with boldenone (boldo-bol) reduces the undesirable effects of trenbolone.
    • It is sometimes useful to take liver protection.
    • It is also strongly recommended to take an anti-estrogen, such as novaldex, especially at high dosage.
    • MDT: Parabolan combined with testosterone will require post-cycle therapy.

Results with Trenbolone

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