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Testosterone in bodybuilding

Testosterone in bodybuilding


male hormone and muscle development



Undesirable effects

Fluid retention

Conversion to estrogen


Duration of muscle gains

Fat burning and lipolysis

Appetite suppressant

Liver toxicity

Testo dosage

Testosterone daily dosage for men: 250-1000 mg / week.

Daily trenbolone dosage for women: Not recommended, no indications.

Pick-up rate

One or two injections a week are generally required to achieve the desired effect.

Cycle times

For men: 8 - 15 weeks.

For women: not recommended, no indications.

Further information

Detection time in urine up to 12 weeks.

Half-life of the active molecule, 9 to 11 days.

Commercial presentation

In the form of an oily solution, available in 1ml, 10ml or 12ml bottles.


Testosterone is a hormone found in large quantities in males and in smaller quantities in females. Most of it is naturally produced in the gonads (testicles).

On average, a healthy adult man produces 5 to 7 times more testosterone than a woman.

In the sporting world, and particularly among bodybuilders, it can be supplied exogenously, in the form of intramuscular injections, to improve physical condition. Its use leads to an increase in muscle mass and strength. Improved muscle recovery, enabling longer, more intensive training sessions. A feeling of well-being and improved self-confidence are also common effects.

Used on its own, testosterone is available in around 12 to 24 hours. An ester is often added to slow down assimilation.

Among testosterone esters, we distinguish four main ones. We classify them from the ester with the longest half-life to the one with the shortest.

l'Enanthate, which is a long ester, slows down testosterone assimilation to several days or even weeks. On the order of 1 to 3 weeks. Its advantage is to generate long-lasting, solid testosterone effects in the user. It can be used on its own or in combination with another testo.

Visit Cypionate whose half-life is probably 6 to 8 days.

Visit Propionate has a half-life of around 2 to 3 days: this is a fast-acting form of testosterone. It is therefore particularly appreciated at the start of a course of treatment or as a Kick Start to a steroid cycle.

Visit suspension which is a little unusual in that its half-life can extend from 1 to 7 days depending on the case.

Testosterone, advantages and disadvantages

  • - Testosterone affects mood, particularly aggression. This is an advantage during training, but can prove problematic in everyday life.
  • - Because of its androgenic nature, Testosterone can induce temporary or permanent hair loss, as well as an increase in hirsutism (facial hair), an enlargement of the prostate gland and a thickening of the vocal cords.
  • - Testosterone is a male hormone, so libido or sexual drive can be amplified.
  • - Testosterone with the enanthate ester causes water retention, resulting in a puffy appearance.
  • - The increased oxygen supply stimulates red blood cells. The result is improved muscle recovery.
  • - Testosterone and particularly enanthate can induce rebellious acne called "anabola", mainly on the upper back, chest and shoulders. This can occur before, during or after treatment.
  • - Testosterone is absolutely not recommended for women. Women are exposed to definitive virilization symptoms (facial hair, worsening of the track, etc.)
  • - Testosterone is not recommended for adolescents, as there is a risk of growth arrest and bone decalcification.

Testosterone, our opinion and recommendations

  • Loading phase: Because of the long half-life of testosterone, particularly the long esters, it's best to start the treatment with a frontload (loading dosage). We also recommend the use of trimix or sustanon (mixtures of short and long esters)
  • Testosterone Enanthate is still used in medicine as part of testosterone replacement therapy (testosterone deficiency)
  • After treatment :
  • Post Cycle Therapy (PCT): endogenous testosterone production will be reduced or even eliminated during the cycle. PCT is therefore needed to boost natural testosterone production.
It is a good idea to combine BOLDENONE, TRENBOLONE or DIANABOLWith testosterone for high-quality mass gain.

Testosterone results

Résultats prise de testostérone

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