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Forced repetition

Forced repetition


Practically everyone does forced repetitions, mainly on the bench, but also during curls on the straight bar, for example...

Definition of forced repetition

This is an advanced training technique, in which you ask your partner to help you do 1, 2 or 3 repetitions of a higher max, when you are not/no longer able to continue your effort alone.

The partner then assists both during the upstroke and the downstroke. He or she will try to relieve you of just enough weight to enable you to perform the repetition(s) at full amplitude.

Forced repetition produces a much more intense congestion and burn. This technique will also require a longer recovery period than usual.

What about this technique?

- For Ectomorphs

This is the worst technique for you to use. It drains your body of glycogen and ATP in no time. It's better to save your energy to do real sets on your own, rather than spend it destroying and congesting a muscle that's already congested.
This technique destroys your muscles so thoroughly that it prevents you from giving your best for the sets to come, and your muscles need several days to recover. Your (our) nature doesn't allow us to use this technique. It's harmful to us.

- For Mesomorphs

It's a very good technique to apply, but not all year round. Your high body creatinine level and ability to produce ATP allow you to benefit greatly from forced repetitions. Your muscles, with their extraordinary power and resistance, appreciate this kind of effort.
They should be used from reps 3 to 20.

However, there's no need to use this technique to do a Max or a double.

- For Endomorphs

This type of work goes against your nature. You're not genetically suited to this type of effort.
However, it gives very good results for you.
Your low capacity to synthesize glycogen and oxygenate your blood doesn't allow you, by nature, to push your efforts over time.
Nevertheless, in bodybuilding, being endomorphic, forced reps increase your fat metabolism, which is good for you. In search of energy, your body will very quickly look to your fat as fuel for its effort and recovery. Your body will look for energy wherever it can find it!
This will help you to lose weight, or to avoid becoming too fat.
They are to be used from rep 7 to 30.

musculation les répétitions forcées

You can see the genius Chris Powell in the show "Perte de poids extrème", pushing his students beyond pain with forced reps.

All coaches agree that training must be adapted to each athlete... Yet most of them give the same kind of program to all their students, and use the same technique for each of them ... Astonishing, isn't it?

Author Alexandre CARPENTIER

Bodybuilding Champion N.A.C 2012

Alexandre shares his experience of bodybuilding with MegaGear blog readers

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