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Winstrol: anabolic steroid

Winstrol: anabolic steroid



Earnings duration


Liver toxicity

Fat burning and lipolysis

Side effects

Muscular gains

Fluid retention

Appetite suppressant

Conversion to estrogen

Dosage of winstrol

Daily dosage of winstrol for men: 25 - 50 mg / day
Daily dosage of winstrol for women: Not recommended

Average dosage: 25-50 mg / day

Average dosage : Avoid

Intake frequency

On average, three to four doses a day

Duration of winstrol cycles

For men: 6 - 8 weeks

For women: Not indicated

Additional information

Half-life: 9 hours (oral) / 1 day (injectable)

Urine detection time: 3 weeks for the oral version and 2 months for the injectable version

Winstrol commercial presentation

Tablet form or injectable form in aqueous solution


Winstrol, the commercial name for stanazolol, is derived from a testosterone derivative. Initially created by a European laboratory for the treatment of anemia, it no longer has any therapeutic indication. Its popularity among sportsmen and sportswomen has grown considerably since the case of Ben Johnson, a famous sprinter who broke his own record in the 90s

Winstrol is also often used in equine racing, where it has won a place of choice thanks to its mild side effects.

Winstrol is available in tablet form, often at doses of 5 or 10mg, but also in liquid form, as an injection or diluted in water, unlike other steroids which are diluted in oil.

Winstrol,advantages and disadvantages

  • Winstrol is very aggressive on the liver, as it is an alpha alkyl 17, so it is preferable to take it by injection
  • Winstrol is not recommended for women. It can cause severe virilization symptoms and irreversible hair loss.
  • Winstrol should be avoided in cases of tendon and bone problems. It has an adverse effect on tendon elasticity, and can lead to rupture, particularly of the Achilles tendon.
  • Winstrol causes a significant loss of fatty tissue, and is all the more effective when used during a muscle-drying period.
  • During competitions, participants use winstrol to increase their muscular quality

Winstrol, our opinion:

  • Particular care should be taken when using it orally, and it should not be combined with any other oral steroid as well.
  • The use of a liver protector such as LIV 160 is strongly recommended

Combination ideas:

  • Combine with a muscle-drying product such as Clenbuterol or T3
  • For quality mass gain, simultaneous use with sustanon, primobolan or boldenone is also possible.

Results with Winstrol

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