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Anthony Defossé, bodybuilder and sports coach

Anthony Defossé, bodybuilder and sports coach


Anthony DEFOSSE | Information

Height : 170cm

Weight: 83kg (non-competitive)

Date of birth: July 1, 1988

Place of residence: Villette (Lorraine)

Anthony DEFOSSE | Achievements

Top 10 most beautiful physiques in Europe at WBFF (Muscle Model) in 2013 (London)

2nd at IFBB France (Men's Physique) in 2013

1st at Colmar Top (-75kg) in 2012

Anthony DEFOSSE | Biography

I've devoted my life to bodybuilding since the age of fifteen, and my first source of motivation was my father, who I followed to the gym from a very young age...I grew up in this environment and since 2012 I've been competing, winning first place in the -75kg class, which motivated me even more. So I went on to compete in major Opens in France, such as the "Top de Colmar" in the bodybuilding category, IFBB in the Men's Physique category, and WBFF in the Muscle Model category, which enabled me to make the most of years of training and deprivation, and to set myself goals to ensure my constant evolution.

Since 2010, I've been a state-certified coach, and I've been able to put my work and knowledge to good use by transforming the bodies of dozens of people in several gyms in Lorraine, helping them to acquire high levels of motivation, self-confidence and determination. I then went on to open several Nutrisport food supplement stores in Longwy/Metz/Thionville and Nancy...for the well as an online store.

Since I started competing, I've set up a Facebook page to share my preparations for competitions and my progress throughout the year. I've had lots of messages telling me that I've been a source of motivation for many people, and lots of encouragement from people in the bodybuilding world. These are the most gratifying things about doing this sport! Then I started receiving a lot of questions and requests for information about my workouts, diet and supplements.

So I decided to create my own personal online coaching site, to enable those who are passionate about our sport, bodybuilding, to benefit from my knowledge and experience, to achieve their goals. One of my greatest satisfactions is to help and follow a motivated person to sculpt the body they want. It's gratifying when you get closer to your goal.

I'm competing for Men's physique at the IFBB in April, as well as muscle model at the WBFF in Denmark in May.

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