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The role of hormones in bodybuilding


We hear a lot about the role of testosterone in bodybuilding. This natural hormone is secreted by men, mainly in the testicles, and by women, in lesser quantities, by the ovaries.

The role of testosterone

The role of this hormone is complex, influencing libido, well-being, blood oxygenation and playing an important role in protecting against osteoporosis.

Men typically produce 40 to 50 times more hormones than women. Testosterone is produced mainly at night, during sleep.

In sports, testosterone is often associated with anabolism, the chain reaction that leads to muscle development. Testosterone is a steroid.

Actions of the male hormone

Building muscle requires considerable effort. Strength, endurance and stamina put the body to the test, and testosterone is the answer.

Testosterone production is part of the process of anticipatory anabolism. In effect, the body, having been solicited, will anticipate the next workload and adapt its natural production so as to put the human body into an anabolic phase. Muscle building will then take place. This is the MUSCULAR RESPONSE. Phenomenon leading to muscle development.