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Sustanon: Anabolic steroid

Sustanon: Anabolic steroid


Technical specifications of the sustanon 250:

Strength Gain

: Mass and weight savings

 Earnings retention

 Side effects

 Risk of aromatization


 Water retention

 Liver toxicity

: Fat burner

Preparations for competitive examinations

: Appetite suppression


Sustanon dosage :

Recommended average dosage for men: 250-1000 mg / week
Recommended average dosage for women: 50-250 mg / week
Injection: every 3 days
Recommended cycle length: 8 to 18 weeks. 6 weeks maximum for women
Half-life and elimination:15 to 18 days
Detection time in urine: 12 weeks


Sustanon was developed and designed by the Organon laboratory, the same company which produced another anabolic steroid called Deca-Durabolin. It has strong androgenic as well as anabolic properties. The laboratory's Sustanon Organon (in 250mg/ml dosage) contains :

- 100 mg Testosterone decanoate

- 60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate

- 60 mg testosterone isocaproate

- 30 mg Testosterone propionate

Testosterone propionate has a short half-life, while the other esters have medium to long half-lives.


- The blend of 4 testosterone esters with different half-lives (from short to long) offers a good synergy for a regular and increasing supply of Testosterone to the body. This is what has made Sustanon such a success and a staple for many anabolic users.

- Sustanon is effective even when used in relatively low doses, and is equally effective for people used to steroid cycles. Similarly, it's not necessary to increase doses each time, to achieve the same result, cure after cure.

- People with a tendency to fluid retention should prefer Sustanon to Testosterone alone.

- For women, testosterone injections are not recommended, as they significantly increase androgen levels, which can lead to virilizing effects. If it is used, however, the course of treatment should be short and the dosage very low.

RecommendationsOf use :

- Frontload or kick-start: due to its long half-life, it is possible and recommended to start your treatment with a frontload.

- PCT: as Sustanon is a hypothalamus and pituitary suppressant, it will stop all endogenous testosterone production during the course of treatment. In fact, a PCT after the fact.

Stack ideas :

- Deca-Durabolin, , DianabolThe combination of Sustanon with one of these 2 molecules will result in rapid weight gain. However, this will be due in part to high water retention.

- Parabolan, , Winstrol, , Anavar, primobolan: Sustanon stacked with one of these other steroids will result in slower, but better-quality development.

Results of treatment with Sustanon

Source : - Effects of sustanon on the distribution of satellite cells and the morphology of skeletal muscle fibers during maturation

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