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3 mistakes to avoid for better pectoral development

3 mistakes to avoid for better pectoral development


There are a number of errors that can hinder proper recruitment of this muscle area.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid for better pectoral development.

1 - Not enough dumbbell exercises

"Hey man, how hard do you push on the bench press?", every exerciser has had to answer this question at least once in their life. Quite simply because the bench press (classic, with barbell) is undoubtedly the benchmark exercise in bodybuilding, synonymous with power, and a basic exercise that often delivers results.

But the barbell bench press isn't the only exercise you need for your pectoral training sessions! You can, and should, vary your exercises: for example, you can start your session with an inclined bench press, using a barbell but also, and above all, dumbbells.

Indeed, if you're having trouble developing your pecs, dumbbells are usually more advantageous for many exercisers, not least because they offer a much more convergent movement than a simple barbell or guided machine, among others.

2 - Not enough bench press

The most common pectoral lags are generally found in the upper (clavicular) fascicle, i.e. the upper pectorals. This is the muscular area that enables athletes to shape their chest.

So rather than starting all your sessions with bench presses, try to vary and program inclined bench press exercises. Some bodybuilders use the bench press very little, if at all, preferring to use the incline bench press (with barbell or dumbbell).

Be careful, however, not to neglect the lower pectoral muscles (lower fascicle): dips (torso bent) and the declined bench press are good examples of targeting this muscle area.

3 - You're overdoing it

The pectorals may be big muscles, but that doesn't mean you should over-train them!

And that's the problem with many exercisers... how many go to the gym and do bench presses, barbells, dips, push-ups, pec-deck and all in one session? Nobody should do that! You'll overload your pecs unnecessarily, and your training will be counter-productive, even if you think the opposite.

If you're in this situation and you're not getting results, there's something you need to change. Limit your pectoral session to a maximum of 4 exercises: start your session with poly-articular exercises, and finish with isolation exercises, remembering to work each pectoral fascicle.

Author Alexandre CARPENTIER

Bodybuilding Champion N.A.C 2012

Alexandre shares his experience of bodybuilding with MegaGear blog readers