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Presentation of Laurent COOs' latest book

Presentation of Laurent COOs' latest book


Introducing Laurent, passionate writer and accomplished sportsman

Born on May 27, 1970 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, Laurent Coos has built his life around a multitude of passions and talents. From an early age, he revealed himself as a shy, dreamy child, but behind this appearance lay an emerging talent for writing. Over the years, his personality blossomed to embrace fields as diverse as bodybuilding and literature.

With the figure of a delicate teenager, Laurent Coos was surprised to discover his passion for bodybuilding, a field in which he quickly excelled. At the age of 20, he climbed his first podium, taking second place at the Fribourg bodybuilding championships in the "light" category. This foray into the world of bodybuilding led him to take part in further lightweight competitions, while making sensible use of anabolic steroids. However, his career took a decisive turn when he came into contact with Megagear products, marking a significant change in his athletic trajectory.

On the literary front, Laurent Coos has written a dozen novels and fifteen short stories to date. Some of his stories have been chosen for broadcast on various radio channels, giving them exceptional audio reach. Among her notable achievements, two of her novels dominated the bestseller lists for almost a year with Canadian e-book publisher Simpleedition. His creativity also shone through in a short story competition, where his pen earned him particular recognition with second prize for his short story entitled "Le Bonsaï maléfique".

Since 2014, Laurent Coos has been writing practical guides on subjects he is passionate about. These guides, mainly published in digital form, focus on themes as varied as personal development, health and sport. A particular feature of his work is his books on doping substances, which are based on his personal experience and close observation of other athletes. The aim is clear: to offer readers a clear, unbiased understanding of these substances, based on hard facts and an honest perspective.

In short, Laurent Coos embodies an individual whose life is a constellation of varied passions and achievements. From the world of bodybuilding to prolific writing and practical guides, he demonstrates an unwavering willingness to explore new horizons and share his knowledge with the world.

His latest success on Amazon

Since time immemorial, bodybuilding enthusiasts have sought ways to build muscle mass quickly, and among these methods are anabolics, of which many are avid users. Unfortunately, resources on this subject are scarce.

So, following the success of my first two books, "Les Anabolisants en Musculation" and "Les Xéno-Androgènes en Musculation", I decided to write this third book. My aim is to provide much more comprehensive information in this field. With over thirty years' experience as a bodybuilder, sports coach and former competitor, I have been closely involved in the world of doping in bodybuilding. Having myself experimented with the use of anabolic steroids for several years, and having exchanged experiences with numerous bodybuilders, I'm in a position to share concrete information on the effects linked to the use of these substances.

le livre de laurent COOS sur la musculation.jpeg

This book covers a range of topics:

  • the history of doping in bodybuilding
  • The advantages and disadvantages of anabolic steroids
  • Testosterone
  • The main derivatives of testosterone
  • growth hormone
  • Other substances used in this context
  • My personal experience
  • My observations of other athletes
  • Strategies for maximizing benefits and minimizing risks
  • A safe guide to intramuscular injections
  • XenoAndrogens

It should be stressed that this book is in no way intended as a medical reference. I simply endeavor to present information objectively, without taking a position for or against the use of these products, or addressing the ethical issues surrounding them. Ultimately, everyone is free to draw their own conclusions and develop their own perspective on the subject.

The EBOOK version is available here :

Update 09 September 2023, Laurent COOS now offers an Amazon-exclusive guide to supplement your knowledge of growth hormone.

Available by following this link