Publié le 04/17/2014

  • Dips bodybuilding, How dips ?

Dips bodybuilding

How dips

In bodybuilding, there is about a series of movements to work on the muscular groups based on the objectives and the needs of the practitioner.

These movements or exercises are divided into two classes.

In one side, we have the basics polyarticulars movements which stimulate a muscular group in general. The presses, the deadlift, the various squats and leg presses but also movements like curls and the French Press are in this category. These movements are good builders of body mass because they allow to handle substantial loads and rely on auxiliaries muscles.

On the other hand, we find the isolation movements that aim to stimulate a more precise area of a muscle. These movements are often used with smaller loads because they involve less muscle fibers and give less power.

The following articles will explain the role of each basic movement and its execution.

We will begin with the dips which, often forgotten, are a basic movement that can build powerful pectorals or big triceps according to its execution.

Dips a basic movement in bodybuilding

This exercise is executed between two parallel bars on which the practitioner takes support without his feet touching the ground and with his arms outstretched along the body.

Leaving this position, the practitioner will have to bend his elbows and to lower vertically his bust between the bars until the lower part of pectorals is in the same level of the bars. Finally, vertical bust must be pushed to resume the original position, the arms remaining outstretched.

bodybulding dips

When the bust stays upright and the arms along the body, the most used muscular group is then the triceps. Triceps are the muscles in the back area of the arms. When you doing this movement, all of the triceps are used.

For training more focused on the lower part of pectoral, the bust will have to be tilted slightly to the front. The execution is made in the same way as that described previously, the difference being only the tilt of the bust.

To target the lower part of pectoral but also their external part, it will be enough, while making a flexion of elbows, to spread them for take-off the arms of the bust during the all the time of the movement.

In order to harden the movement and further stimulate the muscle chosen (triceps or pectoral), it is possible to weight by using a disk or a barbell that will be added to body weight of the practitioner.

Dips are often practiced early in the session when the workout is oriented on the triceps or at the end when the session is based on the training’s bust.