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  • Morphotypes in bodybuilding

Morphotypes in bodybuilding

Mains morphotypes are :

-The first class is the ectomorphs. They are sub-divided into five subgroups, level one to five. Physically characterized by a poorly developed muscle structure, they have fine bones and little body fat. In this category, the metabolism is fast. So, they must feed if they want to engage in muscular activity. The ectomorphs are not strong. Their performance will be limited compared to the others. They are often the people who get the most beautiful muscle structure among the main morphotypes.

-The second class is the endomorphs. The physical predispositions of the endomorphs give them a tendency to produce easily some fat. Their metabolism is slow and the calories is accumulated in adipose tissue, especially on the stomach and the buttocks. The endomorphs can develop a larger force if they train. The diet will be the workout’s essential element for the people in this class.

- The third class is the mesomorphs. They are the people who can obtain the most powerful physics. Naturally muscled, they can gaining quickly and efficiently muscle mass. The mesomorph is also strong, with massive and solid tendons and bones. However, they must be careful not to develop physical unbalances and have to work also the flexibility.

The morphotypes were subject of many writings. At present, two tendencies distinguish themselves:

- The people who dispute these physical characteristics.

- The people who recognize the division of these physical characteristics into three dominant groups, namely the ectomorphs, the endomorphs and the mesomorphs.

The first category cannot comply with the idea that individuals are classified into subgroups and argues that everyone can reach the heights of the physiques of the competitors. Furthermore, they think that this simplistic categorization in three tendencies does not allow everyone to find itself there. What is true!

Finally, there is a sure determinism, which does not encourage to self-transcendence.

It has to be accepted that the observations of William Sheldon, psychologist and human physical appearance observer in 1940s, make sense. And the new observations provide evidence of people having naturally different characteristics.

This natural notion can be defined by the genetics. Indeed, some people will have a predisposition to be more easily made of the muscle whereas others will have difficulty gaining weight because of a fast metabolism.

The innate capacity (genetic) and experience notion (environment) are in opposition.

The truth probably lies between the innate and the experience. Some genetic factors facilitate or make difficult the progressions in bodybuilding. However, it is possible to fight against these genetic predispositions by diet, physical activity, or more broadly the environment around us.

We can end by asserting that your genetic luggage will certainly not completely a determining factor of your physics. Indeed, some people will have to provide more effort than others.

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