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  • Anthony Defosse

Anthony Defosse’s interview

What is the reason that pushed you in bodybuilding?

  • Personally, I started this sport because of my father...He practiced bodybuilding for over 30 years. I remember that when I was a little boy, I followed him everywhere in the sports club…Then at the age of 14 or 15, when everyone was very enthusiasm into football, my best friend and I had begun to reach our first bars and gradually I began to workout but just a little bit. Then, I acquired a taste for it and it became downright essential... I also remember we were both only ones "teenagers" in the weights room contrary to what we can see nowadays. Which goes to show that the mentalities were changing in this area...

How took place your beginnings? Have you encountered difficulties?

  • Not really of difficulties, I am lucky enough to learn from across at the same time. In the first years, I just neglected the legs. But I work on it for 2 years so as not to be unbalanced... and I start to know my body as I make preparations for competition.


What is your primary motivation?

  • With regard to the physical that inspired me at this time, I really do not know. I wasn't even really a fan of bodybuilding contrary to what we may think... But a few years later the fitness caught my attention. Physical such as Lazar Angelov, Bruyn jaco... etc even more motivated me to make progress and achieve my goals!

I do not see myself as a "bodybuilder". It is for this reason, the physical nearest fitness have more motivated me...

Can you talk with us about your program?

  • My program varies all the time, but the basis of my workouts is long series (30reps) with very little time to rest (20-30 seconds) for increased congestion and a biggest muscular definition ;).

Your best exercises?

  • Bench press, pull-ups and squats. For me, they are the basis to have a good muscle development and the oldest exercises are the most efficient.

Who is your bodybuilder model?

  • I have no bodybuilder model.

What type of diet do you practise?

  • Here is one example:


8 eggs whites

80g of oat flake or 70g of Muesli

1 orange or a handful of blueberries (antioxidant and vasodilator)

1 coffee or tea (optional)

5 amino acids

1g vitamin c

5g of glutamine


60g of unleavened bread or 7 rice cakes

200g chicken breast

100g white cheese 0%

5 amino acids


70g of raw vegetables

200g salmon or 250g of beef 10% fats

100g rice or 400g of potatoes

5 amino acids

Afternoon snack:

8 eggs whites + 2 yellow

100g of lean compote or 1 apple

6 rice cakes

5 Bcaa

5g of glutamine

After sport:

50g of 100% whey

50g of dextrose

5 bcaa

5g of glutamine


250g of cattle 5%  or 250g of fish (sea bream, or sea bass, or hake, or cod, or sole or yellowtail, or red mullet or other white fish fleet with a correct protein rate)

200g of green beans or broccoli

50g rice

3 pineapple slices

2 ZMB6

Before sleeping:

30g of casein

What advice do you want to give to young people who start in bodybuilding?

  • I advise that we should believe in our dreams, never give up and still to surpass itself...With the determination and motivation, we can always achieved our objectives, regardless of the time that its needs. The important things is to get there!

What is your proudest?

  • In November 2013, I figured among the top 10 European model muscles WBFF in London and for me it is a very great personal pride... Then the second pride is the company that I created with my 2 associates that is growing. We will soon open our 5th store of supplements in 2 and a half years. Nutrisport begins getting talked about in all France and this is just the beginning ;)

Author Xavier AUVIN

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