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  • Anthony defosse presentation

ANTHONY DEFOSSÉ’s presentation

Anthony DEFOSSÉ’s information

Height: 170cm

Weight: 83kg (out of competition)

Date of birth: 1 July 1988

Place of residence: Villette (Lorraine)

Anthony DEFOSSÉ’s palmares

Top 10 of the most beautiful physical Europeans to WBFF (Muscle Model) in 2013 (London)

2nd to IFBB France (Men's Physics) in 2013

1 at the top of Colmar (-75kg) in 2012

Anthony DEFOSSE’s biography

I devoted my life to bodybuilding since the age of fifteen. My first source of motivation was my father because when I was a little boy I followed him in weight room...I grew up in this environment and since 2012 I began the competition by getting a first place in the-75 kg. It has motivated me even more. So I continued on this area whatsoever on great Opens in France as the "Top of Colmar" in category bodybuilding, IFBB Men's physics, or WBFF in category Muscle Model. This allowed me to value the workout of many years and deprivation. Also, I have set myself targets to keep evolving.

Since 2010 I became a graduate coach of State, and I was able to develop my knowledge and my work by transforming the bodies of dozens of people in several rooms in Lorraine, by instilling a big motivation and a very great confidence in them as well as a determination all times. Then I launched several supplements food “Nutrisport" stores which is found in Thionville-Metz-Longwy and Nancy at this moment... and also a shop online.

Since I started the competition, I opened a Facebook page to share my preparations for competitions as well as my development throughout the year. I had a lot of messages telling me that I motivated many people. I received too much encouragement by people from the body community. These are the most rewarding things when you doing this sport! Then I started to receive many questions and inquiries about my workouts, my diet and my supplementation.

So I decided to create my personal online coaching site in order to allow the most passionate of bodybuilding to take advantage of my knowledge and my experience to achieve their goals. One of my biggest enjoyments is to help and follow a person who is really motivated to sculpt the body that he wish. It is a gratification to approach its goal.

I compete for physical Men in IFBB in April, for the model muscle in WBFF in Denmark in May. I have already begun my preparation…

That is all! If you want to follow my news: consult Anthony-Defossé Facebook

Author Xavier AUVIN