Publié le 04/23/2014

  • The Sports Nutrition

The Sports Nutrition

The nutrition post-workout for to gainer maximum muscle.

You work hard in training, you push yourself too far, you are bound to fail, you suffer, but you have your reason. You want to gain muscle, that’s all. On the other hand, you do not want you do not want to waste your time! The choices that you made immediately after a workout can help you to reach the top level, or on the contrary they can make you fall. Follow this guide to give you the best chances in order to build quality muscle!

The proteins

We know all that proteins feed muscles, but also boost the metabolism and therefore burn the fat. The types and the selected quantity of proteins are equally important!

The whey has the advantage of being absorbed quickly. It is perfect for your depleted muscles that just beg to be fed after an intense workout. It also contains essential amino acids involved in the anabolism and the anti-catabolisme! For that purpose, 30 in 40g will be enough!

The carbohydrates

The carbohydrates are just as important as proteins in the post-workout nutrition! Do not absolutely neglect them, they are precious allies to build muscle!

Ingesting simple carbohydrates (rapidly usable sugars) in post-workout will lead to an insulin peak helping to carry nutrients to the muscles which just need that.

The muscle cells will receive these nutrients and the growth processes has begun. In addition, your glycogen levels have been exhausted during your session! It is therefore the perfect moment to restore them!

The amount of carbohydrate to ingest depends on the lens, taken muscle mass or dry mass, but this process is crucial and necessary, not only to recover from worjout, but also to enable you to be ready for the following.

To gain dry mass, taking 20g of simple carbohydrates are sufficient. To gain muscle mass, you can ingest 80 grams.

The creatine

Just after the workout, you have the perfect moment to ingest the famous creatine! It will be transported to the muscles together with proteins and the fast carbohydrates, including through the peak of insulin which promotes transport. Then, the creatine will help the recovery processes and muscle growth, but will be also stored and present in your body for the next workout. If you take creatine in small doses throughout the day, 3g post workout are enough, or take 5g.

To summarize, here are the post workout nutrition plan to follow for a maximum gain of muscle:


30 to 40g

Simple carbohydrates:

20 to 30g for to gain dry mass

60 to 80g for to gain muscle mass


3 to 5g

Finally, the ideal is to take all of them in the 30 minutes after the workout!