Publié le 04/24/2014

To make good use of anabolic steroids

  1. The serum testosterone levels in the body

Our body has a natural amount of testosterone. This hormone is, as everyone knows, the hormone that is used to build muscle mass. The testosterone is present in varying amounts depending on the individual. In fact, each person produces higher or lower rates of testo.

Similarly, we react differently to this hormone, which, in some will produce spectacular physical transformations, so that in others, its effects will be smaller.

  1. Testosterone at therapeutic dosage requirements

Some men live with a syndrome, primarily related to the age and so-called andropause. It is the decrease in endogenous testosterone production. This deficiency can touch the young man to cause various disorders including the ability to take muscle mass.

To treat this deficiency, the medical profession offers substitution therapies and brings a testosterone with exogenously often in injection, at the rate of one per week.

  1. Cure light of steroid

The athletes who are interested in the use of anabolic steroids can logically think that a light cure of steroid, at therapeutic dosage, can be beneficial for them.

In fact, this is not true. A person making a light injection of 50mg of testosterone will provoke the reduction of its natural production. Ultimately, this injection will simply compensate the natural production decline.

This contribution of testosterone imposes a restriction of natural production. This is potentially causing the same side effects as a classic cure with much higher dosages.

The muscle growth is obtained by the steroids using different mechanisms including for example a positive nitrogen balance, or a better mitochondrion (cell division). This phenomenon appears during the anabolic steroid cures with higher than normal values registered.

Taking anabolic steroids for mild or therapeutic dosage is not very advantageous. It may be possible to make a slight profit, but does not cover the risk involved. A standard cure (no excess or important dosages adjustments) provides much greater gains, and presents the side effects almost similar to a light dosage.