Publié le 04/24/2014

Injuries in bodybuilding

How to avoid muscular injuries

Practice any sport imposes constraints on the body and creates tension. That is why the body must adapt to them. Our body is not a machine. Sometimes we are too demanding and impose excessive constraints. In the light of these situations, the risk of injury is great.

There are two types of injury. The first type affect the muscles and the second type affect the ligaments and tendonsthat are significantly related to the joint problems.

The muscles injuries

Severity of injuries scale

  • The muscular spasms are due to an intense effort. Indeed, a number of muscle fibers doesn’t recover their original place after the contraction and remain contracted. This causes a painful point to a specific part of the muscle. Associated massages are enough to relax the muscle and the application of a heat source will help reduce contracture.

  • The elongation is a lesion of a number of variable muscle fibers. It is causes by an excessively stretching of these fibers. To repair this type of injury, the injured muscle must be put at rest to allow muscle fibers affected resume their original length.

  • The muscle strain is the tearing of muscle fibers subjected to a violent and effort than their resistance capacity. This type of injury is relatively serious and requires a complete inactivity for several weeks of the muscle affected. It is often need the intake of anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

  • The tear is the most important muscle injuries. It is a tearing of a significant number of muscle fibers but also of the membrane (fascia) that surrounds these fibers. This can be seen by a hole in the muscle affected and an important bleed. The total non-used for several weeks to several months and appropriate treatment is necessary. The surgery may be resorted to repair this affected muscle. The muscle can never regain its ability before the injury.

Movements with high risks

Some movements are more likely than others cause injury because they create tensions and very significant constraints on the joints.

The squat is very often responsible for injuries on the lower back (lumbar) and on the knees when the bending exceeds 90°.

The deadlift will provoke a great lumbar strain if the movement is not realized in the safety rules.

The Dumbell Bench Press and the Behind-the-neck Press impose enormous stress on the shoulder ligaments which is called the rotator cuff. They make the deltoids stable, but the pressure exerted by these movements on these ligaments causes their rupture.

The rowing bar, just a little as the deadlift, may be responsible for back injuries because the inclination of the bust. Similarly, hold the load at arm's length created enormous tension on the joint but also on the muscles of the lower back.

Injury prevention

Even if there is no such thing as zero risk, the risk of injury can be limited by taking a few precautions and respecting some principles.

Firstly, it is necessary to properly warm up. In fact, a good warm-up of the whole body and then the muscle group and the joints that will be used during the workout must be to do.

During the session, you must be well hydrated because the dehydration causes malfunctions in the muscles contractions, and therefore increases the risk of cramps, muscles strains and muscles tears. In addition, the tendinitis are likely to occur more easily in case of dehydration.

The choice of loads is a risk factor. To take too heavy loads against the capabilities of the body will increase the risk of muscles and tendon injuries.

Finally, the stretching realized at the end of sessions allow the muscles to resume their original length and elasticity. The trained muscle becomes stronger and less elastic. But the tendons do not gain strength and thus more muscle is strong and more it imposes constraints on the tendon.

A good ABS-lumbar reinforcement will provide a better graining and minimize injuries to the lumbar area because it will be more rigid during the exercises and therefore will be more stabilized.

You are now armed to avoid the risk of injury to the maximum and thus be able to practice your favorite sport in security. Pay attention to your body and you will progress without hurting!

Author Xavier AUVIN