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The teenagers in bodybuilding

Adolescence is the transition from childhood to adulthood. This period begins around 11 years and finish according to the law at age 18.

So at that time, many changes are happening. These changes are in the physical, physiological and psychological.

It is too at this moment that the outsider's view takes an important place. The complexes are more present, seduction also and it is often at this period that attraction to bodybuilding appears.

The desire to identify with a strong character, muscular, which attracts everyone's admiration manifests. The desire to look like these stars of wrestling and bodybuilding encourages adolescents to enter for the first time in the gym.

The physiological changes

During adolescence, the physiological changes are triggered. In effects the sex hormones composed by the testosterone and estrogen are released in vast quantities in the body. Mainly through the testosterone, the strength and the endurance of the teenagers increases. The impulses are stronger and the aggressiveness is more present.

The ability of the body to carry oxygen from the blood to the muscles is increased and thus the body is able of supporting an important workload and of recovering very quickly. Under the effects of anabolic hormones produced by the human body, the protein synthesis and the nutrients use is optimal.

In addition, these hormones are responsible for the growth of tissues and bone matrix and it is at this level that bodybuilding can be harmful if it is done in an inappropriate manner.

The psychological changes

As I wrote above, adolescence is the period when the outsider's view is very important. As such, the image that we show and our personal image is weakened. This is why, under the outsider's view, the teenager becomes brittle and is filled with positive and negative influences and to possible drifts and that, even compared with the investment in the sport.

In fact, adolescence is often associated to an extreme behavior and therefore less reasoned. This situation can lead some teenagers to not be reasonable in the practice of bodybuilding.

The desire to have immediately the results and this feeling of power can influence that. Of course this is not valid for all teenagers, but for a majority of those who are trying to do the bodybuilding.

Good practice of bodybuilding in adolescence

The practice of bodybuilding in adolescence should be appropriately. The bone under the effect of the hormones grow during this period. We should know that muscles are attached to the two ends of the bones and muscles too developed or too powerful will prevent the bone to which they are attached to lie.

The post workout stretching are often overlooked because of the lack of time, the motivation and the uncomfortable sensations felt.

At this time, the flexibility of adolescents is being pushing back because of the hormonal boost. So to keep the body flexibility, the stretching should to be fully included in program of bodybuilding at this age.

The use of loads to be strengthen and especially the amount of weight lifted must also be taken into account for suitable practice.

It seems more natural that more a muscle will use heavy loads, more it will be powerful. And more a muscle will be stimulated and more it may become so overdeveloped. These two factors will have the effect of limiting the ability of the bones to grow and therefore to lie down.

At this time, to practice bodybuilding must be supervised by graduates and competent people. It must mainly consist of muscle toning and the used loads, if there are, must be moderate even light. This method will avoid excessive development of the muscle and make them too much power. The reasonable side of this practice will counter the limitation of the bone growth because the possibility that the growth of the individual is stopped may be a risk.

In addition, the stretching should be systematic at the end of the session so that the muscle tone does not retain or regain a flexibility that disappears in adolescence if it is not worked.

Yes we recognize that each individual is different and we will always find people saying that they have participated in an intensive sport in their youth or bodybuilding with load and it had no impact on their growth. However, what would be their size if their sports had been made or adapted with moderation? Can we think of these gymnasts who are relatively small but have a powerful muscles!

Even if the genetic potential is to take into account, to lose a few centimeters in size or the risk of bone damage especially on the spine due to lack of patience, is it worth it?

Please, wait some time to allow your growth to be well advanced. If not, be reasonable and listen to the competent people who will preserve you. It will not be too late then to build muscular and powerful physical.

Advice of a Mister Universe who began bodybuilding with loads in 19 years ;-)

Author Xavier AUVIN

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