Publié le 04/26/2014

  • Boost your testosterone production with the workout!

Boost your testosterone production with the workout!

By now, you will have read or heard that the practice of exercises boosts the testosterone production and thus your muscle mass. But be careful, if you abuse, you train too much or for too long, you will boost your production of cortisol, a hormone which mediates catabolism and so that leads to the destruction of your fibers!

To maximize your testosterone production, so be smart!

Focus 75% of your exercises on compound exercises using the heavy loads through failure to the 8th repetition and reduce your rest time. And most importantly, train intensively yourself for 60-80 minutes. You will boost your testosterone production, and increases the cortisol production! Make sure you keep this advisor in mind!

Boost your testosterone production by the nutrition!

Some foods help to boost the testosterone production, and they are to be consumed in order to be as efficient as possible. Adopt these following strategies, and enjoy the results.

Eat lots of protein

You already know that your body needs protein to build muscle but you may not know that the protein consumption can help to boost the testosterone levels! The foods rich in protein such as red meat, eggs and dairy products are quality food. Many studies have all shown that a diet rich in good protein is involved in the increase of the testosterone production.

Eat lots of good fat

The omega-3 lipids are essential, but the saturated fatty acids, considered bad are also necessary! They contain essential nutrients to the proper functioning of the metabolism and the testosterone production. Consume 10% of fat per day, such as salmon, olive oil, yellow egg or nuts.

Relax, and your body will serve you well

One of the key elements for those who wish to have their dream body, it is their lifestyle. It is while you rest that your muscles grow!

When you have enough sleep, you have allowed your body can produce the best growth hormone and testosterone. 7-8 hours per night are essential.

Keep at least 1 day a week of complete rest for your body. Your nervous system and your hormones and muscles really need this rest and you will feel better!

Lastly, follow these simple rules in your daily life, and you will see that your body will reward you with a very best manner!