Publié le 04/26/2014

Cardio workout

The working cardio or cardio vascular workout consists in training the heart muscle: the heart.

Basically, it was reserved for sports requiring endurance effort. Then different sporting disciplines have shown that a person with a trained, enduring, tough heart was more powerful and gets better after the efforts.

Indeed, a well-trained heart has a better ability to pumping of blood. The oxygenation of the muscles and the recycling of toxins (muscle waste) are improved. In addition, it was seen that the working endurance had the capacity to enable the body to use its fat as a fuel source.

That is why the cardio workout have now very expanding. It is a practice wholly found in all sports and disciplines and which is from now on always include in the fitness rooms. The diversity of the working methods used and the various materials put at disposal for the cardio sessions help the practitioners to see the cardio in a better light than it was a few years ago when this activity amounted to no more than the bike or the race to feet.

The cardio: when practice it?

Many moment can be chosen to make the cardio, but the objective of this activity will make big difference to set the best time to practice it.

In fact, if the working cardio only practiced to improve the heart’s health and the toughness, it will be effective at any time. But if the working cardio is used to burn fat or if it is in combination with another sport like body building for example, the timing will have an impact on its effectiveness.

Indeed, if you want to burn fat, the best time to practice the cardio session will be in the morning, when fasting. At this moment, the body still ingested any food, it is in phase of catabolism (muscle breakdown) and therefore it will have to dip into its fatty reserves to carry out the requested effort.

The muscular work done during a cardio session does not provoke micro tears at the muscular level if its intensity remains moderate. This will not speed up the catabolism, this is why it is the right time to burn fat. When the working cardio is combined with another discipline, it will be more interesting to practice either in a separate session or at the end of that discipline. Indeed, even if the working cardio does not destroy the muscle fibers, it used the energy reserves of the body. It will have an effect on performance.

A bodybuilding session will not be able to be as intense if it is done after the working cardio. Many bodybuilders practice otherwise their cardio independently of their resistance training or after it. This is justified by the fact that the body has already utilized the muscle reserves to extend the effort and therefore draw on fat reserves.

Author Xavier AUVIN