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Alexandre Carpentier Interview

Hello Alexander, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Alexandre Carpentier. I am 37 years old and I practice bodybuilding since 1995. Previously, I had practiced judo during 9 years.

Why did you start in bodybuilding?

To improve my performance as a judoka and to gain weight, I decided to attend the municipal gym of Saint Valéry en Caux (Normandy).

After a few months and a few small kilos taken, the bodybuilding virus had infected me. Seeing my physical change and take forms brought me great satisfaction and pushed me to stop the judoka and to focus only into the bodybuilding. At the first month, I was not attracted by the muscular physiques and then I bought my first magazine, a Flex in order to find advice on movements. The revelation came to me there!

I want to go to that next, what is the physics that inspires you?

At that time, I found the Mister Olympia’s photo of Mister Dorian Yates, and I decided that I now practiced bodybuilding. This meant that I should have an appropriate diet, structured workout and pay attention to recovery. Certainly, my beginnings were marked with errors both on my training and on my diet techniques. But many advice had been given to me and can be summarized as to gain muscle, I must eat a lot of carbohydrates and protein.

However, nobody had not explained what type of carbohydrates and I didn't know that I must limit the amounts of fats and protein. Then I eat everything, and in inappropriate amounts. So I gained weight and fat! I started bodybuilding in 56kg and in 2009 either 14 years later I had arrived at 87kg.

Meanwhile, I had competed for two seasons in the AFCPAS in the small size light weight category. During these two seasons which helped me rank in 2001, 7th and in 2003, 5th to the France final as well as 6th to the Top of Colmar, I have discovered the rigors of the dry diet.

After these two seasons, I stopped the competition in order to devote myself to my family and professional life. However, motivated by my desire to make evidence to myself that I could succeed in this sport and always passionate in it (I have not stopped train), I resumed the competition with successful in 2011. And in 2012, at the end of two years, I had become Champion of France athletic - 1, 75 m.

I had won 3 Awards in which I competed and a 9th place at the Championships of world NAC athletic 2. Then I won the Open de Saint Prix and my qualification for the Mister Universe NAC that I won 4 weeks later in Hamburg.

Except my desire to succeed and my admiration for Dorian Yates, I draw my inspiration and motivation of this desire to make and especially my wife and my daughter proud of me! They are a driving force for me and their support is one of the keys of my results.

Can you tell us more about your workout?

After having tested different workout including the Heavy Duty of Yates in which I did some damage to my back, I am now in favor of a more thoughtful training which is more based on the intensity and the muscular congestion than on the use of heavy loads. Apart from the use of a movement during which my load will be relatively heavy, I'm working-out on 4 sets of 10-12 repetitions with moderate loads. For the first movement of each session, I do, of course, 3 sets of warm-up before the 4 actual sets of workout.

The quadriceps is the exception in my session. During which, my series are composed of 15-20 reps heavy including the inclined press.

Off season, I'm doing 4 sessions even 5 by weeks with a big muscle group and a small, the cardio (20 min) at the end of two sessions and an output of 1h30 road bike during the weekend.

The number of workouts increases to 6 per week and 4 sessions of cardio (20-25 min for each) during the preparation.

The muscle groups that I the most like to workout are the upper back, the hamstrings quadriceps and the deltoids.

Have you the exercises preferences?

The movements that I love the most are the rowing bar incline bust, the rowing with the Hammer Strenght machine, the squat, incline press at 45°.

I really avoid to do the bench Press bar because it caused me shoulder plain. I prefer, for the free sensation, the version with dumbbells.

After wasting a lot of time because of my early errors in my approach to build a muscular physic, I had since 2009 a relatively strict diet throughout the year with a day "releases" weekend but it remains controlled. I no longer want away me more than 5-7kg of my off season weight competition. I rely on supplements adapted to build quality muscle (whey isolate, vaso-creatine, testosterone booster, growth hormone, complex of bcaa, glutamine for recovery and the Megagear supplements!)

What advice would you give to a teenager who starts bodybuilding?

If I had to advise a person that starts bodybuilding and seeking to build a physical muscular today, I should say to this person to not be impatient. The time, a serious and thoughtful workout, and a suitable diet are the key to success. I would insist even on the diet because the diet alone can compromise all things and I speak knowing all the facts!

My other advice would be that the load is only a tool to build muscle, it is not a purpose. You won't have a quality physical by taking the heavy loads.

You have a small conclusion?

I will say that I am proud of the results achieved since 2011 and I hope that this year, I can still expand my palmares with new titles, but I am also very proud to practice this so demanding discipline that requires to have a real knowledge of his body and to know the self-reactions.

I would like to thank my family, in particular my wife and my daughter as my Sponsors Megagear and Activlab for their support.

Author Xavier AUVIN

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