Publié le 04/27/2014

The nutritional supplements in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, the proteins are be the muscle development booster. They are also essential during recovery in bodybuilding. But all sources of protein are not equal.

How to use milk proteins in bodybuilding?

The casein and the whey are the bases of the common protein sources of the bodybuilder. They allow to do mixtures or shakes. With an intake between meals or before sunset, it's nice to ingest them. Its smoothness is a delight to the mouth.

The assimilation is then slow because they contain a high content of casein. They release into the body of amino acids on an ongoing basis. The bodybuilders like this source of quality protein.

Why to use the Whey protein?

Also so-called lactoserum, the whey is renowned for its branched amino acids (BCAA). This three amino acids is very efficient for the body. It provides to the muscles a rapid beneficial contribution.

There are three ingestion methods: the concentrates, the isolates, and the whey hydrosates. The concentrate contains only 70% to 80% of proteins.

The carbohydrates and the lipids complete its composition. As for the isolates which are purer, they bring up to 95% of proteins. Last possible preparation, the isolate having its optimized development, is quickly assimilated for bodybuilding.

What to do with the gainer?

All bodybuilding lovers should know that the protein powders must be considered as a complement and cannot replace a balanced diet. To increase his muscle mass, the bodybuilder should eat many protein sources each day. Gainer is composed of the protein and the carbohydrates carbon, or of the complex carbohydrates. When you optimize your protein consumption, you can achieve a good taking mass. It is not the amount that makes the effectiveness when you want to boost your muscles.

Why to take creatine?

As a nutritional supplement, this taking increases the creatine intramuscular rate to level up to a third. This can increase the phosphocreatine production and help you to maintain an effective power. Your maximum or close to your maximum strength persists for a longer period. The mass of the bodybuilder is made easier.

Author Xavier AUVIN