Publié le 04/27/2014

The sporting activity and the hormonal system

Our body

We hear a lot of talk about the role of the testosterone in bodybuilding. This natural hormone is mainly secreted in the testes of men, and in lesser quantities in the ovaries of women.

The role of testosterone

The role of this hormone is complex. It affects the libido, wellness, and the oxygenation of the blood. The testosterone takes an important place in the protection against the osteoporosis.

Men typically produce 40 to 50 times more hormones than women. The testosterone production is mainly nocturnal, during sleep phases.

In sports, the testosterone is often associated with anabolism, this chain reaction that leads the muscles development.

Actions of the male hormone

Bodybuilding requires to provide great efforts. The strength, the endurance, the resistance put the body to the test. The testosterone is the answer to this request.

By anticipating, the testosterone enters in the anabolism process. Indeed, the body which will be requested, will predict the next workload and adapt its natural production so as to put the body in an anabolism phase. Thus, the building of the muscle will happen. This is MUSCULAR RESPONSE, the phenomenon leading to the muscles development.

Author Xavier AUVIN