Publié le 04/27/2014

Gaining muscle mass: volume or dry cure?

The questions to ask before starting a cycle.

1 –The choice of the goal

Most of all, the question that the athlete must have to answer is: what is the direction where my cure should go?

This choice will depend on:

- The bodybuilder morphology (mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph)

- The Cycle workout (the period of to gain mass, dry...)

- The diet

2 – The choice of products

When the decision is taken, it is necessary to focus on the product selection.

They are divided into three categories:

- Taking mass

- Muscle volume

- Dry muscle - Fat burner

Obviously, the cures of masses will attract more the ectomorphs for which the muscle and the fat is difficult to take.

To choose a cure of volume will be intended for the bodybuilders in post period of mass, or already having a muscle bases. Pay attention also that the difference between the mass and the volume is shown by a less imposing musculature and more defined. It is not a priority choice for beginners.

Finally, the dry cures are dedicated for athletes wishing to shape their muscles and make the most salient muscle. The goal is to lose fat which which stops the muscle definition and striated appearance that much of between us are looking for.

We want to clarify that a cure consists generally of two products. This is in order to take advantage of a synergistic effect between the two molecules.

Thus it is possible to orient the cure, for example:

- mass / volume

- volume / dry

Products associations (stacks) are interesting. We can quote for example DANABOL and ORAL T Bowl which together form a cure of mass / volume

Definition of the cure time

A cure, according to its nature can be spread on a different numbers of weeks.

The cure's mass should be carried out on 8-10 weeks. It is necessary to avoid to take mass too long masses. Indeed, more body fat (FAT) of the user is old, more difficult will be the dry.

The cure's volume is more variable. The cycles between 8 and 12 weeks are the most used.

Since the volume is more difficult to achieve that the mass, it is better to prefer a period of 10 weeks.

The dry and fat burner cycles are the longest. It lasts between 10 and 12 weeks. The diet must be adapted, taking food must be split in order to avoid the calories accumulation in the body. Be careful to limit the carbohydrates and lipids intakes including the saturated.

Author Xavier AUVIN