Publié le 04/27/2014

  • To succeed in bodybuilding Keep motivated

To succeed in bodybuilding: Keep motivated!

Keep the motivation to achieve the goals!

There are many of us who workout and want results without really having a plan or strategy that precisely enable us to reach or even exceed our targets. We are training so hard, but the results are not there and we are even more motivated!

Follow these tips to keep the top motivation and to keep that hunger, that desire to have the body of your dreams!

Set short-term goals

To better succeed, you need to set goals in the short term. For example, you want to take mass and add 5kg on your scale in 3 months. It is a rather fuzzy objective and you may lose your motivation as most of the people.

To achieve this goal, execute in the first place these following steps:

• Make sure to consume between 2 to 3g of protein per weight of body per day

• Don't miss any workout

• Push only for you, no Egolifting, the goal is not to impress people in the gym

• Don't miss no meals

• Note your weight each week

• Take a picture of yourself

• Push heavier weekly

• Don't miss your post-workout shaker

• Listen to the music that can boost you during your training

Every step may appears innocuous and slight, but if they are accumulated, they will allow you to have the result making work pay, we have only one desire: to train more hard and explode the goals.

You want a champion body, adopt their strategy! The success comes step by step. The routine must be followed strictly, and the objectives must be exceeded week after week!

Do not cheat!

Remember that you are working for you, you workout for you alone! If you are looking only to impress the people by taking heavier than your max and if you executing badly the movement, you are going nowhere, you won't have any results. Keep in mind that each training should be done for you, it is used to allow you to reach your goals.  Place your ego aside, at the entrance of the room, work hard, fail, try again. It is the key to success!

Find a model for you

Search a model and be inspired by him. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a good example. He motivated many bodybuilder by simply watching 15 minutes of Pumping Iron each night before sleeping. Get inspiration by his workout and his diet plan. Be curious and learn from the best people. They have experienced the same difficulties as you.