Publié le 04/30/2014

The bodybuilder diet

For many people, bodybuilding is mostly a question of going to lift weights to have big arms, but our discipline represents much more than that. Indeed, the rule clubbing that we impose on our muscles is insufficient if we want to optimize the efforts in the hall.

Others elements to take into account like the dietetics and recovery are just as important as the training.

Any body builder who respects himself knows how the diet is a factor just as important in achieving its objectives as a well-rounded training program!

Indeed, without the intake nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in good proportions, the results will not be optimized.

Obviously, the amounts of each of these nutrients must correspond to the objectives and individual needs. Body builder will make sure to bring up quality nutrients throughout the day (every three hours approximately) in order to maintain the body in muscle building phase (anabolism).

The importance of protein

The main and most important nutrient that the body builder will take into account is the protein. Without an adequate protein intake, the building muscle can be effective.

To work, the body uses protein at every moment and if the intake is insufficient, the body will draw in the muscle. The workout with load also destroyed the muscle and provoke micro lesions in the muscle fibers.

To repair micro lesions caused by the workout or to avoid degrading the muscle in catabolism, the body must be regularly supplied with proteins.

To build muscle and be in anabolism, there must be 20 to 40g of protein approximately every three hours. The intake greater than 40g is unnecessary because the body cannot assimilate it any more. It is considered that an intake of an average 2.2g of protein per pound of body weight is the perfect proportion for building muscle.

The protein needs are different according at certain moments of the day. The choice of these proteins will be directed depending of these periods (at sunrise, before and after the workout, or at sunset).

Whether your period: to gain mass or dry protein, the intake will remain the same!

An adequate protein intake allows to build or to spare muscle but this is not sufficient. Indeed, the bodybuilder will also integrated the carbohydrates in its diet. The carbohydrates provide fuel of the body and allow us to practice our daily activities including our training.

The nutrition based on the needs and the objectives in bodybuilding practice

Depending on the phase in which is the body builder (gaining mass, keeps the muscles or drying), the carbohydrates needs are different. In dry phase, the body builder will create a lack of carbohydrates so that the body draws its energy from body fat reserves. In period of maintains, the carbohydrates needs will be balanced over the expenditure of the body. And in period of to gain mass, an intake above the body need will be necessary to support heavy workouts (which consume a lot of energy). And so the body will not draw this surplus of needs into muscle protein.

The choice of simple or complex carbohydrates will be oriented depending at the moments of the day. For example, the simple carbohydrates are preferred during and after training. The muscle needs quickly available carbohydrates to support training or to provide the spent stocks. The rest of the day, the body builder will focus on complex carbohydrates that provide energy on the longer term.

The importance of the breakfast in bodybuilding

However, we must talk about an exception. The breakfast is a crucial moment. Indeed, the body did not receive nutrients during the night, so it will therefore draw on all available reserves to work. This overnight fast creates important needs protein, simple and complex carbohydrates, so it is necessary to quickly stop the muscle destruction and replenish the glycogen stocks (fuel of the muscle).

The fats represent the third nutrient that the body builder will take into account in its diet. The fats are just as important as carbohydrates or proteins. There are different fats (good or bad) but I won't give the details. Even if its contributions will be limited because they are high-calorie, the fats take a very important place in the proper functioning of the body. The fats allow some organs to fulfill their role and to function well. For example, the brain need the fats to function properly.

And the bodybuilder should also know that certain hormones produced by the body are synthesized from the fats. And we know the role of these anabolic hormones in the muscle production or to lose fat.

That is why, the fats must be incorporated in the diet of a body builder even if the quantities should be restricted.

The diet of a body builder must include the proteins, carbohydrates and fats intake. Depending on the phase in which he will be, the body builder will keep a constant supply of protein and will control the quantities of carbohydrates and fats without ever removing them completely.

Indeed, the fats have a too important role in hormone production. The bodybuilder can not to miss!

To optimize the work provides in the hall, an intake of supplements such as creatine, BCAAS and other boosters can be very useful.

If you do not want your vain effort in the hall and gain quality muscle, it is important to consider dietetics as an essential element. Adapt them to meet your needs and objectives. A suitable diet will allow the body builder to achieve its objective!