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Stay motivated to succeed in bodybuilding

Stay motivated to succeed in bodybuilding


Staying motivated to reach your goals

A lot of us train and want results, but we don't really have a plan or strategy to help us reach or even exceed our goals. We train hard, but the results aren't there, and we even lose motivation!

Follow these tips to keep your motivation at its peak and maintain that hunger, that desire to have the body of your dreams!

Set yourself short-term goals

For greater success, set yourself short-term goals. For example, you want to gain 5kg on your scale in 3 months. That's a pretty vague goal, and you're as likely to break your teeth as most people. To achieve this goal, first carry out the following steps:

- Make sure you consume between 2 and 3 grams of protein per body weight per day.
- Don't miss any workouts.
- Push for yourself, no Egolifting, don't impress anyone at the gym.
- Don't miss a meal
- Keep track of your weight week after week
- Take a photo of yourself
- Push harder every week
- Don't miss your post-workout shaker
- Listen to music that boosts your workout
Each step may seem small and trivial, but when you add them up, you get results, and when you see that hard work pays off, all you want to do is train even harder and smash your targets.
If you want the body of a champion, then adopt their strategy! Success comes step by step. Routines must be followed to the letter, and goals must be surpassed week after week!

Don't cheat

Remember, you're working for you, you're training for you! If you're trying to impress the gym by putting on more weight than your max for a poorly executed movement, you're not going to get anywhere, you're not going to get any results. Keep in mind that every workout must be done for you, so that you achieve your goal. Leave your ego at the entrance to the gym, work hard, fail, try again - that's the key to success!

Find a role model

Find a role model and draw inspiration from his or her success. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a good example. Many champions have been inspired by him, watching 15 minutes of Pumping Iron every night before bed. Take inspiration from his workouts, look at his eating plan, be curious and seek to learn from the best. They've faced the same challenges you have.