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My opinion on xenoandrogens

My opinion on xenoandrogens


Before the MegaGear cure

I've been building muscle since 1995, and have had the opportunity to try out all kinds of food and dietary supplements. As a competitor in athletic bodybuilding, I've always sought to improve my physique in terms of quality and muscle mass, and that meant taking quality supplements capable of increasing my hormone production, synonymous with muscle growth.

Some gave me the results I'd hoped for, others disappointed me and were a complete waste of money in my opinion. The sure things like whey, bcaa, creatine, NO boosters and others have remained "sure things".

It was while I was looking for a supplement to boost my hormone production that I discovered Megagear and their dietary supplements, because that's what they are: Xenoandrogens.

After reading up on the subject on the web, I decided to test these dietary supplements with the agreement and under the supervision of my doctor. I should point out that we agreed from the outset that during the course of the treatment, blood tests would be taken in the middle of the treatment and at the end to ensure that there were no negative reactions. If there were, I would stop the treatment immediately.

In testing these supplements, I assumed that they couldn't be any less effective than some of the supplements I'd used in the past. Nor did I expect to gain 10kg of dry muscle in a few weeks, but to gain volume and quality.

My choice therefore turned to supplements that would help me achieve my goals. I sought the advice of Xavier, head of Megagear France, and he guided me in my choice of supplements, dosage and distribution.

MegaGear product selection

The aim of my cure was to gain muscle volume, accentuate muscular separation and gain only a little weight, as I'm limited by my category. I'm trying to look rounder and bulkier than I really am.

So, with Xavier's advice, I opted for two supplements in tablet form and two in liquid form.


Oral T-Bol the aim of this supplement is to build dry muscle mass without water retention. Muscle mass is acquired slowly and sustainably. Very well suited, in my opinion, to my objectives. The first effects are supposed to be felt after 4 to 6 weeks.


Winny 50 It's not a muscle-building supplement, but works to improve muscular quality by accelerating fat melting and improving the muscles' capacity for oxygenation, making them more enduring.


Susta-Max 250 a liquid mass-building supplement, it acts in stages with different durations of action. Its aim is to build and maintain muscle over the long term.


Tren-bol 100 the new Stamina: is a liquid supplement which promotes muscle volumization without water retention, and has a relatively short duration of action (1 week). It produces quality muscle gain and strength, depending on dosage.


The combination of the different supplements means that they act synergistically and with different durations of action.

I have combined supplements for a gain in mass, volume but also quality.

Oral T-Bol and Tren-bol 100 work in synergy for muscle volumization, while Susta-Max 250 produces muscle mass and Winny 50 improves the muscle's ability to be oxygenated and burn body fat.


Food plan

My diet is tightly controlled throughout the year. I weigh all my food so that I can modify my carbohydrate intake according to my needs, and test my body's reactions to these modifications.

My goal during my cure was to gain volume but not weight, so I wanted to know how high I could increase my carbohydrates without my body losing the dryness at the start of the cure while gaining muscle volume.


Protein intake remained constant, as did lipids. Every two weeks I increased my carbohydrate intake by around 10% from the start of the cycle. I therefore started at 220g of carbohydrates per day. I consumed around 3g of protein per kilo of body weight and around 50 to 60g of lipids.

From Saturday onwards, I'd increase my carbohydrates to 300-350g to recharge, and on Monday I'd drop them back down to 200g (that day only) so that the body doesn't store them and the metabolism stays awake.

Planning my megagear cure

I decided at first to take only the tablet supplements to see how my body reacted to these new supplements.

Dosage and dosage

So I started as advised by taking 1 tablet of Winny 50 and 1 of Oral T-Bol in the morning on the first day.

observing no negative effects, I switched from day 2 to 1 tablet of each in the morning and at lunchtime, then on day 3 to 3 of each, 1 after each meal.

After a first week with no negative effects, I added the liquid supplements Tren-bol 100 and Susta-Max 250.

The first week I took 1ml of Tren-bol and 2ml of Susta-Max.

For both the liquid supplements and the tablets, I stuck to these dosages for the first 4 weeks of the cure.

During these first few weeks, I noticed an improvement in post-training recovery. Sore muscles disappeared faster than usual. In terms of strength and volume, I didn't notice any difference.

In agreement with my doctor and Xavier, I switched from week 5 onwards to 4 Oral T-Bol tablets a day, divided as follows: 1/2/1 and 3ml of Susta-Max a week. The Winny and Tren-Bol remain unchanged.

Week 6 was a real turning point in terms of training sensations. Indeed, the congestion was intense and came after a few sets of work, and the muscle seemed to grow behind the skin. It started to get harder, but the volume didn't change. I was able to sustain more intense sessions at the same time, as endurance improved.

At this stage of the cycle, i.e. halfway through the course of treatment, I had to undergo a medical check-up to ensure that my body was not suffering any disturbances due to the use of Xeno-androgens. A blood test and a urine analysis were carried out (complete shake-up). Upon receipt of the results, it was found that there were no hormonal, renal or hepatic disturbances.

I therefore continued my course of treatment and will take stock again at the end of the 12-week course.

feelings and results

Here I am in week 9 of my cure. The sensations are still there, i.e. heavy congestion when training, muscle hardness and better quality. The volume is still there and I've noticed some weight gain. I'm still dry. My diet is as controlled as ever, with a carbohydrate intake of no more than 275g during the week and 350g on Saturday and Sunday, dropping back to 200g on Monday. This explains the weight gain.

Due to a stockout, I stopped taking oral t-bol for 10 days between weeks 8 and 9. It didn't seem to have any impact.

In my opinion and visually, xenoandrogens have an impact on my physique. A lot of people who see me at the gym tell me that I look like I weigh 80kg when in fact I only weigh 72.7kg.

I'm very satisfied with my treatment and still have 2 weeks to go.

Weeks 9 to 11, the last two weeks of my first Xenoandrogen cycle.

So I'm coming to the end of my very first cycle of xeno-androgens and I must say I'm rather pleased with the result.

Admittedly, I didn't gain enormous mass or extraordinary volume, but after 18 years of bodybuilding I can only be satisfied with the volume acquired over these 11 weeks. What's more, my diet is very similar to the one I use for competition drying

Over the last 5 weeks of my cycle, I haven't had any sensations different from those described earlier in this article, but what's interesting is that they've lasted. The greater congestion, the feeling of muscular hardness and fullness, the muscular quality (striations appeared in places I didn't have before) and a significantly greater volume are all factors of satisfaction.

Of course, we can't compare these results with those I might have obtained with conventional steroids, but xenos do work, and after thorough analysis, they don't seem to damage health or upset the body.

The aim of my cycle was to gain volume, put on a bit of muscle while keeping my lean and even improving it. Once again, I wasn't expecting miracles, but I've achieved my goal. My opinion of MegaGear is definitely positive.


Review and opinion

starting weight: 69.2kg

final weight:73.7kg

arm circumference +1cm

thigh circumference+1cm

Fat content around 6% (keeping fast sugars and dairy products in my diet).


As advised by Xavier, head of Megagear France, I'm letting my body recuperate for a month and then I'll start a new weight gain cycle, this time in preparation for the 2014 competition season.


AuthorAlexandre CARPENTIER

Bodybuilding Champion N.A.C 2012

Alexandre shares his bodybuilding experience with MegaGear blog readers