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Strength programmes

Burning, drying, muscler*: *programs mega Gear!
Do his sport alone, without anyone’s help? Why not, but when we aim to lose weight, take dry muscle and develop its muscle mass, it is better to be guided. Don't you think?
Discover the strength programs and exercises offered by MegaGear coach.
There you will find programmes for beginners or intermediate levels. All regular split training, full body or half body. Our strength coach provides you with surprises to shock the muscles to the maximum.

What training program for you?
MegaGear has always addressed all types of athletes: the beginner athletes of course, but also the most arduous, like the bodybuilders and sportsmen of a certain level.
Of course, with such a large panel, we had to offer you the best strength programme possible for all goals! Start with everything that concerns mass capture. Thanks to intensive musculation of course (to muscle muscles like pectorals, biceps, triceps and others) thanks to the developed coated, muscular font and training pro, type Hiit!
Of course, mass taking can also be done via a specially studied caloric diet program: based on carbohydrates, carbohydrates food supplements, lipids and a diet where the athlete cannot consume too fat.

For visible results, the nutrition and the food must be taken seriously. In addition, muscle growth can also be done, in parallel with a strength program, via products such as Whey and a suitable caloric intake. Finally, aware that athletes do not only seek to make a mass take, but sometimes a weight loss, discover without further delay our section dry and fat burner. For a controlled diet, a nutrition that remains balanced despite dry strength and a metabolism that keeps all its energy!

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