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Payment methods :

MegaGear offers you the possibility of paying by credit card with our financial partner PAYZEN, a service of LYRA NETWORK whose website can be accessed at this URL

In compliance with the law: At no time do we have access to your bank details

Your payment and your personal information are perfectly protectedthanks to the SSL 256BIT certificate and HTTPS secure connection by GeoTrust.

3D Secure

3D Secure is a security protocol designed to improve the security of online payments and to enable authentication of the credit card user.

After payment on a website, a process is triggered to check whether the card used is valid. If it is, the security systems associated with the 3D Secure protocol verify the customer's identity and call the credit card issuing bank in real time, which in turn validates the customer's identity and confirms that the card used is legitimate.

This protocol aims to protect credit cardholders by reducing the risk of fraudulent use of their cards, thus guaranteeing greater transaction security.

This protocol is used by Visa under the name "Verified By Visa" and by Mastercard under the name "Secure Code". The aim is to benefit all parties involved by minimizing the probability of fraudulent use of payment cards and optimizing the transaction to be carried out.


From 2020, in application of PSD2, in certain cases the bank issuing the means of payment will be required to ask for strong authentication. In practice, this means that at the time of payment, two security factors must be put in place to ensure that the cardholder is indeed the holder of the means of payment.

Because security is not an option, you can pay for your orders with complete peace of mind at MEGAGEAR.