This page responds to your questions, thank you for taking the time to read it.


1 - I didn t received my order in 3 days , is this normal?

We process shipments the same day or J +1 . Orders going after 13H are sent the next day. Please note that the post office doesn't work on weekends. So shipments are postponed to Monday .
2 - Where is my parcel number to track it on the internet?

The package tracking number is in your account , in the '' my account '' . It is sent automatically.
3 - What is the dosage (dosage products ) in my treatment?
It depends on selected products, each product gives a usual dose . Please note the recommended dosages .
4 - How long for a cycle ?

A treatment lasts 5 to 12 weeks. The average is 8 weeks .
5 - What are the side effects?

The most commonly cited are:
- Retention idrosodee slight
- Sweating more abundant
- Nausea ( can be avoided by taking the pills AFTER meals).
6 - Do I need protection ?

The protection can be specified only for large cures of LIV52 can be considered .
7 - When and how to take the product ?

The pills are to be taken after the main meal , in order to avoid the eventual nausea for people with sensitive stomachs . The pills must be taken every joures and divided into three times in the day. (morning, afternoon and evening)
8 - Should we make a recovery or PCT?

The revival or PCT may be useful for heavy treatments. It is possible to take some TRIBULUS as sweet stimulus , in order to help maintain gains and normalize rates in post- cycle.
9 - How to optimize my treatment ?
A course consists generally of at least two products. In order to benefit from the synergistic effect of each. ORAL and Danabol + T BOL is an excellent cycle mass / volume or WINNY Oxandro + is an excellent cure dry
10 - How much weight will I gain ?
This question whose answer is random , depends on your body , your diet and your training or your rest . A cure mass can give 3 to 7 kg ( mesomorphic bodies )